Health and climate change go hand in hand because of how much one affects the other. With the air quality decreasing worldwide and temperatures rising, now is the time to bring awareness to people and their health. When large groups learn how something can harm them, they are often more prone to make a difference. With examples, it is possible to educate society about climate change through health.

The Edible Schoolyard Project is a nonprofit organization based out of California. They are dedicated to changing public education for kids and making them aware of climate change. They do this through using organic gardens and kitchens and teaching academic subjects and lifelong values such as regenerative food and community. This 60-minute activity introduces students to regenerative agriculture through videos, analysis, and conversation. They also pay respect to the Indigenous origins of this subject and link another lesson relating to their history. An Introduction to Regenerative Agriculture.

Big Ideas

  • Populations everywhere are experiencing a severe decrease in health, so making climate education a priority is more important than ever.
  • Universal issues of any kind bring attention to this subject. Already, we see people taking action because of this.

Additional Resources for Health