The Climate Crisis Has a History — Teach It

Zinn Education Project is making available a new interactive timeline to help students understand the long history that led to the current climate emergency. “We invite teachers and students to examine the choices and stakes that animate the climate crisis, and to work together toward meaningful solutions. Our timeline traces its roots from European colonial expansion and racial capitalism to present-day fossil fuel industry and government projects that exploit and destroy the Earth in the name of maximum profit. It also emphasizes moments and movements of resistance and activism that inform climate justice work today. Scientific discoveries and disinformation — Read More

‘Curriculum Violence’

A reader on our website  suggested we mention a recent article that focuses on ways to avoid and address curriculum-related trauma and includes many useful resources for educators. (The term ‘curriculum violence’ is used to call attention to the fact that what schools teach — and fail to teach —as well as how they teach can result in trauma to some children.)  ‘How to Address Trauma Related to Curriculum Violence’.