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Students: What are your thoughts on global warming & climate change?
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Here are some selected student responses to the New York Times article, ‘How Concerned Are You About Climate Change?’ (March 2014)

“I haven’t learned as much in school about climate change as I would like to. I’ve had to make my own decisions concerning what to believe about the issue based on my own research. I believe that recent studies about its causes and its effects are legitimate, and that the problem will worsen unless action is taken soon…. in order to reverse the damage we’ve done, students need to be informed, starting at an early age.” —Danielle

“I have learned very little about climate change in school and believe that we together need to change it.” —Selena

“The effects of green house gases could have disastrous results for the Earth and the people who live on it, including me.” —Kiana

“I think that global warming should be something we should all be worried about. This will not only affect us right now it will affect future generations and us in our later years. is is a problem that we should be taking care of right now before it worsens.” —José