Ask students to create a drawing that could be used on a reusable grocery bag and promote awareness of global warming & climate change. These bags are being sold as a fundraiser to support environmental projects in the schools. We already have a 5th grade class who would like to use some of this money to start a pollinator garden at their school.

Here’s an example used for bag designs to promote a clean environment. The announcement says it, ‘could be a picture of nature, someone cleaning up litter, or people using reusable bags when they shop. Be creative and have fun!’

Download the announcement from the Bethlehem Area School District [PDF].>

And here are the winners from BASD:

From left to right in the picture, the winners are a 3rd grader from Lincoln, a 7th grader from Nitschmann, a 5th grader from William Penn, and a senior from Liberty.

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