The free School GHG Calculator consists of a spreadsheet with forms to enter usage of fuel, electricity, and other emissions sources; it then applies the appropriate emission factors. Most calculations are visible so students can see how the emission factors are applied, as well as various conversions of units that are necessary.

There is no charge for the Calculator or updates, but we need to know who is using it so we can notify you of any updates or additions. To obtain your free Calculator, please email Be sure to mention what subject(s) and grade level(s) you teach and the name and location of the school. We will not identify your name or school on the site.

The Calculator comes with instructions, but following is a list of what it covers.

  • Combustion (‘Scope 1’ according to the GHG Protocol)
    • Heating, with a choice of fuel types
    • Busing and other school district vehicles
    • Misc. Chemicals (refrigerants & synthetic fertilizers)
  • Electricity (‘Scope 2’ according to the GHG Protocol)
    This section also provides for district energy systems.
  • Other Emissions (‘Scope 3’ according to the GHG Protocol)
    Includes emissions generated as a result of the school’s operations, but not produced at the school or directly controlled by the school or school district. Some common sources at schools are


    • Outsourced school busing
    • Travel (not in district vehicles)
    • Commuting (faculty, staff, and students)*
    • Food*

* Commuting and food are difficult to estimate, but the guide does provide some guidance on ways to reduce emissions and calculate the change.