Some of the following suggested readings are intended to increase environmental and social awareness rather than to deal specifically with global warming. (Listed works were compiled from teacher suggestions and are not necessarily suitable for all age and maturity levels.)

Fiction – Teacher Recommended Short Stories 
Fiction – Longer Fiction/Young Adult Fiction 

These books are examples of visionary fiction and ‘cli-fi’. Although some are specifically designated as Young Adult fiction, some listed books may not be suitable for your students.

Films & Videos
  • Chasing Ice, 2012. (1:15) Beautiful photography by James Balog captures glacial change over a period of several years – link is to film’s website.
  • Do the Math: Bill McKibben and the Fight Against Climate Change. (0:45), 2013. 
  • Drop in the Ocean. Trócaire, 2015. (0:28) “Climate change is the biggest threat facing humanity today and yet our political systems refuse to move quickly enough to do anything about it…. with some of Ireland’s leading environmental scientists, writers, and activists.”
  • Six Degrees Could Change the World. (1:36) National Geographic.