We’re setting up this site to share and discuss good ways to teach about climate and sustainability—in every subject, at every grade level.  The goal is simply to help teachers find and share effective ways to integrate climate and sustainability concepts in their classrooms.

Because global warming and climate change are inherently complex and affect all sectors of thought and life, they—like other sustainability concepts—are well-served by interdisciplinary, experiential, and inquiry-based approaches that bring out the complexity of whole systems and the interdependence of the various parts. Some teachers report that integrating climate and sustainability into their subject area helps them meet curriculum goals and that many students nd these discussions relevant to their futures.

As part of this initiative, we published a guide called ‘Interdisciplinary Approaches for Teaching Climate and Sustainability‘, which works with a spreadsheet-based School GHG Calculator so you can measure your school’s greenhouse gas emissions, a practical, hands-on project to engage students. The content of that guide is being added to this site and is also available as a PDF.

We welcome your ideas—comment here or email teach-climate@sustainlv.org!

Peter Crownfield, Project Coordinator


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