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The Power of Positive Stories

Teachers: don’t forget to include positive stories, poetry, and art as part of your classroom!

The recent article, ‘Environmental Storytelling‘ tells us that, instead of discouragement, ‘stories with positive role models and which focus on the positive outcomes of solutions are much more likely to inspire action to solve it.’

“It made me want to flower bomb land and do something positive and I felt happier after reading it,” said one reader.

“I felt inspired by the way the characters behaved … [the story] made me think about what I could do.”

Explore the resources listed on this site:

See the original story on EcoWatch, December 2018.

New resources

A few new resources you might find useful:


2 New Resources

Two new resources for those helping students explore the impacts of global warming & climate change:

  1. Fourth National Climate Assessment –  stand-alone report of the state of science relating to climate change and its physical impacts, prepared by the U.S. Global Change Research Program (USGCRP).
  2. Bill McKibben. Radio Free Vermont. Penguin-Random House (2017). – Bill McKibben’s new novel follows a band of Vermont patriots who decide that their state might be better off as its own republic.

I’d also like to mention the ‘Climate Change Mixer‘, an important (but not new) resource from A People’s Curriculum for the Earth. (Rethinking Schools, 2014).

Climate Science 2017 published!

The new Climate Science Special Report confirms what most people have known for years: that climate change is happening, that it’s largely the result of human activity, and the impacts will be critical. (Catastrophic might be a better word.)

The complete report, executive summary, and individual chapters are all available as downloads from the climate science website.