New resources

‘The Green New Deal and Our Schools’. Rethinking Schools, Summer 2019. ‘Solar Power Comes to Math Class‘. Rethinking Schools, Summer 2019. Books Bill McKibben. Falter: Is the Human Game Beginning to Play Itself Out? Macmillan (2019). David Wallace-Wells. The Uninhabitable Earth – Life After Warming. Penguin Random House (2019). (Probably best for mature students early, bot excerpts could serve as prompts for art, drama, environmental science, writing, and other subjects.)  

Your kids can’t wait for bureaucrats to approve a new curriculum!

The best way to empower your students is to start now, weaving critical topics such as the climate crisis and social justice issues into the existing curriculum. This site has a number of ideas for teachers in just about every subject area and grade level, but they’re meant as examples to open the door for you and your colleagues to come up with more!