Climate Change Education

What could you do as a teacher to help this next generation with this emerging climate crisis? This website is designed to help you include climate action and education into your lesson plans in every subject! This climate crisis is already here, dangerous heat warnings and global weather disasters are already happening and are going to continue at rapid rates. This next generation of youth are going to face it head on. On this website, we have linked resources to help you as an educator to include climate education in your classroom.  Many adults do nto believe that children have Read More

False Climate Solutions: How to Spot and Teach Contradictions

There are many climate “solutions” out there that are marketed to us consumers. These “solutions” are given to us as a sense of comfort in this existential dread that looms over us. However, they are not as beneficial as they might seem, and not all solutions are actually helpful. The goal of this continuous conversation is to assist students in distinguishing between genuine attempts to address the situation and the numerous pseudo-solutions that, upon closer inspection, turn out to be greenwashed products or practices that are more concerned with protecting the profits of polluting businesses than with protecting people and Read More