Vision, Mission, and Goals: For a more detailed discussion of these topics, see our Declaration of Principles.

  • Vision: We envision a sustainable, regenerative society, based upon enduring wisdom and careful stewardship. We envision a future characterized by a self-healing environment, honorable and ethical behavior, self-determination, and secure freedoms for a diverse people.
  • Mission: The Alliance is dedicated to working for community sustainability. This will involve holistic approaches to the environment, social justice, health, participatory democracy, and local economies. We are committed to active, collaborative approaches to achieving long-term positive outcomes.
  • Goals: To create more equitable and livable communities the Alliance and its members work to:
  1. Protect the natural environment on which our communities depend
  2. Protect and extend fundamental rights and opportunities throughout the range of human diversity
  3. Promote broad, meaningful participation in decision-making to advance community interests and ensure that communities can assert their rights as a higher priority than those corporations claim for themselves
  4. Foster strong local economies that provide secure and fulfilling livelihoods, foster enjoyable community life, work in harmony with nature, and strengthen the viability of independent local businesses and farms
  5. Encourage people to consume food that is whole, locally produced, and grown in ways that sustain and rebuild soil, water, wildlife, vegetation, and the lives of all of us
  6. Promote discussion, education, and understanding of ways to maximize the health of individuals and communities

By working towards these goals, the Alliance works to accomplish the broader purpose that led to its formation in 2003.